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Getting to the BVI often reminds me of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. There is a lot to it and can make for a long day! And I get to fly straight out of Atlanta. Here is an idea of where to fly, ferry options, or water taxis we work with. This will give you an idea of what your options are getting to the BVI or into the USVI.

Flights in the British Virgin Islands – EIS Beef Island, British Virgin Islands

There are 4 basic airlines: Delta* American Airlines, United, and Jetblue. These come and go from most major airports. Be aware, that this airport does go on strike often and has on-and-off issues with flights leaving people stranded. 

If you are looking for places to stay in the BVI here are a few options. You can find more hotel options here.

Maria’s by the Sea (Road Town, Tortola)
Village Cay Marina and Hotel(Road Town, Tortola)
Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marina (Scrub Island)

Flights into St Thomas are much easier. STT St. Thomas, VI – Cyril E King

These are straightforward. You fly directly into St Thomas. The U.S. Virgin Islands has daily, nonstop flights from New York, Newark, Baltimore, Atlanta, Miami, Philadelphia, Boston, Charlotte, Detroit, Chicago and Fort Lauderdale. Connecting flights are available to and from Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Miami, and Atlanta via San Juan.

​Airlines that fly into St Thomas are Air Sunshine, American Airlines, United Airlines, Cape Air, JetBlue, LIAT, Sun Country Airlines, and Spirit Airlines. 

Once you arrive, some taxis are lined up outside waiting to take you where you want to go. You may want to head to St Thomas (Charlotte Amalie) – Tortola  *closest to the airport Yacht Haven Grande is your mariana. St Thomas (Red Hook) – Tortola 30-minute taxi from the airport​ American Yacht Harbor is your marina. ​These two options will get you to the BVI next. Or they may be close to your marina.

​Here are our suggested places to stay in St Thomas, VI.

board your ferry to the bvi for your yacht charter vacation

Here is a quick guide to your Ferry options to and from the BVI.


Several ferry companies offer service from St. Thomas to Tortola and back. The ferries take approximately 50 minutes each way and cost approximately $90 per person round trip (less for children). Ferries from St. Thomas to Tortola stop running at approximately 4:15 PM each day.

If arriving the day before your charter, there are AM ferry options that will get you to Tortola for your Noon charter start. If arriving on the same day that you plan to take your ferry, arriving flights should be planned no later than 2:00 PM to allow for slight airline delays, time to deplane, plus time to get to the ferry terminal well in advance of 4:15 PM. The main ferry terminal in St. Thomas is approximately 5 minutes by taxi from the airport.

St Thomas (Charlotte Amalie) – Tortola  *closest to the airport

St Thomas (Red Hook) – Tortola 30-minute taxi from the airport


When flying out of St. Thomas on your final day, flights around 3:30 or later will work best. This will allow you to catch a morning ferry from Tortola, take the 50-minute ferry back to St. Thomas, allow for approximately 60 minutes to clear customs/immigration at the ferry terminal, plus approximately 15 minutes to organize a taxi and take the 5-minute taxi ride to the airport. You need to arrive at the St. Thomas airport at least 2 hours before your departure, possibly more based on your airline of choice. More often than not, I have needed to be there 3 hours before. Your Captain can help guide you on this as well.

british virgin islands crewed yacht charter- places to eat

​If you prefer a water taxi to travel between the islands, these are scheduled in advance. We would be glad to help you, just reach out!

You can take a private water taxi from St Thomas to Tortola and back. These water taxis offer private service for you and your group at an increased cost.  We suggest Island Time Water Taxi and  Chillout Water Taxi. Here is an idea of the costs associated with the water taxi.

These are subject to change without us knowing. 

Chillout 6 pax =  $960 x2 = $1,920 (w/10% return disc = $1,824)

Chillout 8 pax = $1,270 x2 = $2,540 (w/10% return disc = $2,413)

Chillout 10 pax = $1,580 x2 = $3,160 (w/10% return disc = $3,002)

Island time 6 pax = $990 x2 = $1,980 (w/10% return disc = $1,881)

Island time 8 pax = $1,800 x2 = $3,600 (w/10% return disc = $3,582)

Island time 10 pax = $2,250 x2 = $4,500 (w/10% return disc = $4,275)

We also work with Alex at Courtesy Charters out of Tortola. We can connect you to him if you want more information.

Don’t let navigating how to get around can be stressful! Don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance. 

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