What to Pack for your Caribbean Yacht Charter

What to Pack for your Caribbean Yacht Charter.

It’s taken months to plan your Caribbean yacht charter, and it seemed as though this vacation was only a dream. All you have left is to pack! We know you have this, but as you stand and stare at your wardrobe in the middle of February, we have your back. Let’s go with the basics.

Size of Luggage Matters

No matter how we guide you, I’m sure you will still take 15 items too many. You will actually need very little on your vacation. Since you are going to pack too much, make sure it’s a soft duffle. A collapsable duffle is even better. Many yachts do not have a lot of storage. Of course, as you go up in the size of your yacht, more space is available to you, but you still need to consider the size of your suitcase and where you could stick it in your cabin while on your charter.

What stays and What Goes?

What goes on your yacht charter, and what do you leave at home? Everything here in the Caribbean is laid back and casual unless, of course, you’re at a resort. “We’re on island time, mon.”

Are you seeing it with me? Bathing suits and beach bars by day, sundresses or shorts, and Columbia shirts at night, and that’s only at the nicest restaurants. In other words, there is really no dress code anywhere. As you can imagine, high heels and dinghies won’t work. You make your way to land each evening by your dingy.

Throw in a pair of running shoes to hike around the islands, a ball cap, and one lightweight cardigan or kimono for cooler evenings. Most guests get by with cover-ups, bathing suits, and shorts for most of this yacht charter.

gifts of swag on a crewed yacht charter

Charter Yacht Necessities

Charter boats come complete with all the linens you need including towels for the shower & the beach. Yachts carry many of the basic toiletries you need too. Your yacht captain can clarify these things, but many yachts carry eco-friendly shampoo, conditioner, soup, and reef-safe suntan lotion. Be sure to ask if your favorite suntan lotion is reef-safe. But don’t forget your BUG REPELLANT and sunburn cream.

Don’t forget your important medications, such as remedies for seasickness and pain relievers. Polarized sunglasses are a must-have item – sometimes two. You’d be amazed how easily those suckers fall off while on a sail or motor to your next island.

A fun item to have is an underwater camera or GoPro. The amazing sea animals you will find while exploring while you dive or snorkel.

What you really don’t want to pack for your charter

We should mention what NOT to pack since we have covered what you should bring. HAIRDRYERS and flat irons are NOT needed. Hairdryers take up a lot of space in a suitcase and really are not needed. Most people learn this the hard way wondering why the breaker keeps tripping.

Guests also find it best to leave jewelry and valuables at home. If you choose to bring make-up, I will bring the basics. Dinghy rides are seldom dry experiences. This is where we suggest you bring dry bags for items that can be ruined by water, cell phones, and cameras. They are rare, but on some occasions, you’ll need to step into the water to reach the beach. Dry bags are your happy medium. If you don’t have time for a dry bag, ziplock bags work too.

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The Most Important Charter Item to Pack!

Last but not least, double-check that you’ve packed all your travel documents, including Passports and Visas, driver’s license, cash for taxis, shopping or crew tips, and credit cards. At least then if you’ve forgotten something, everything else you can buy!


Haven’t booked your charter yet or have more questions? Reach out to Stephanie today and she can get you all sorted.


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