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Sail into Paradise: A 7-Day Yacht Charter Itinerary in the US Virgin Islands

Top 5 Things To Do In The US Virgin Islands yacht charter vacation

Embark on a sun-soaked adventure in the US Virgin Islands with Songs in the Sails Yacht Charters. Our detailed 7-day itinerary promises a seamless blend of relaxation, exploration, and the thrill of the open sea. Discover the beauty of St. Thomas, St. John, and beyond as you let the trade winds guide you through azure waters and vibrant island culture. Contact us at 706-901-7525 to embark on a Caribbean adventure like never before!

Day 1: St. Thomas Welcome – Water Island or Christmas Cove

As you begin your yacht charter in St. Thomas, anchor at the tranquil Water Island or sail to Christmas Cove on the eastern side. Enjoy a delightful meal from Pizza Pi Vi, setting the tone for a week filled with culinary delights in the Caribbean sun.

Day 2: Sail to St. John – Caneel Bay or Trunk Bay

Sail east to St. John, making a loop around the island. Choose between picturesque Caneel Bay or the renowned Trunk Bay for overnight mooring. Dive into crystal-clear waters and explore the “Underwater Trail” at Trunk Bay, a snorkeler’s paradise in the heart of the Caribbean.


Day 3: Eastward Exploration – Easternmost Tip of St. John

Continue your journey eastward, discovering hidden gems at the easternmost tip of St. John. Explore trails in the national park, dine at local restaurants, and enjoy a serene night under the stars, immersing yourself in the natural wonders of the Caribbean.

Day 4: Southern Charm – Coral Bay Exploration

Head south to explore charming Coral Bay on the southern side of St. John. Smooth sailing offers opportunities to visit the Coral Reef National Monument and experience the local atmosphere ashore, providing a true taste of Caribbean culture.

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Day 5: Westward Bound – Buck Island or Western St. John

Sail west-southwest with options. Choose a 4.5-hour sail south to Buck Island for renowned snorkeling spots or explore the western end of St. John, uncovering national park treasures on land. The day unfolds with exploration and relaxation amidst the stunning Caribbean landscape.

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Day 6: Choose Your Route – St. Croix or Loop Around St. Thomas

Today’s choice is yours. Sail west to St. Croix for new landscapes and vibrant culture. Alternatively, chart a course back to St. Thomas, possibly looping around the less-populated north side for secluded beaches and serene swimming opportunities, ensuring a personalized Caribbean experience.

Day 7: Tailored Tranquility – Captain’s Expertise

The final day is yours to shape. Depending on Day 5 choices, the captain tailors the itinerary to your group’s preferences. Whether an extended sail, more time ashore, or secluded beach discoveries, the captain’s expertise ensures a perfect end to your US Virgin Islands yacht charter, leaving you with a treasure trove of Caribbean memories.

As your yacht sails back to the harbor, carry a week of unforgettable memories with Songs in the Sails Yacht Charters. Experience the enchanting archipelago, where each day unfolds a new chapter in your Caribbean adventure.

Contact us at 706-901-7525 for more information and let the sea breeze carry you through this curated experience tailored to your desires. Embark on a Caribbean adventure with us today!


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