US Virgin Islands Itinerary

Updated: May 3

With many aspects of planning your yacht charter vacation, we offer many details to make the process for you as easy as possible. Having an itinerary suggestion is just one piece we offer our clients. Here is one itinerary suggestion we have for your US Virgin Island yacht charter.

Day 1: Depending on what time guests arrive, we can anchor at Water Island, or if we have more time, we’ll head to the eastern side of St. Thomas and grab a mooring in Christmas Cove. While there you can grab a meal at Pizza Pi Vi. Makes a great first-day meal.

Day 2: Headed to St. John! Depending on the weather, we’ll go east to the island, making a loop to either the north or south. Assuming a northern loop first, we’ll head to either Caneel Bay or Trunk Bay to pick up a mooring. There are plenty of opportunities for snorkeling, such as the “Underwater Trail” at Trunk Bay.


Day 3: We continue east around the island to find a bay at the easternmost tip of St. John for the night. There are options to head ashore each afternoon as well, and there are trails to walk through the national park, as well as restaurants to dine at if you like.

Day 4: Today, we’ll explore the southern side of the island. This also marks our typically downwind part of the trip, and it will be smooth sailing to each of our next anchorages. In Coral Bay, there is a Coral Reef National Monument that’s worth exploring, as well as many options for heading ashore in the half-dozen bays in this area.


Day 5: Heading west-southwest, we have two options: we can sail for 4.5 hours south to Buck Island, which has more areas to snorkel, then spend the next day in St. Croix, or we can head to the western end of St. John to explore the national park on the land.

Day 6: Either sail west to St. Croix or back across to St. Thomas, possibly looping around the north side of the island to see some less-populated beaches swimming opportunities.

The rest of this itinerary would depend on the choice to either sail for a longer time on day five or keep time underway shorter. Your captain will be happy to discuss specifics for the charter, adding in the things your group loves to do, plus offering their expertise.


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