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Top 5 things to do in the US Virgin Islands.

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They are known for their hiking, snorkeling, and water sports. The US Virgin Islands serve as an ideal location for fun vacation spots. Let’s find you the best yacht option for your vacation! Yachts that can take you to the sights of St. Thomas allow visitors to tour the bustling Charlotte Amalie, Coral World Ocean Park, and the tranquil Magens Bay. Yachts provide easy access to St. John, home to the largely unexplored Virgin Islands National Park and many sea turtles. Just off St. Croix sits Buck Island, and you can go kayaking through the mangrove lagoon.

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The most beautiful beach in the US Virgin Islands attracts travelers from all over the world. The country comprises three main islands and several smaller islands, each surrounded mainly by beautiful white beaches. Similar to visiting any of the islands or chains of islands visiting the USVI, you’ll notice that not all beaches in the USVI are precisely the same.


St. Thomas’ main island, Magens Bay Beach, is likely the most famous in the US Virgin Islands. It’s a 1-mile beach and only one beach on the island that has admission fees, but you’ll get some excellent benefits for it, such as facilities, lifeguards, as well as rentals, such as beach chairs as well as water sports. Although Magens Bay Beach isn’t an ideal spot to go on a snorkeling trip or even try surfing, the calm, serene waters are ideal for families with youngsters and less-than-strong swimmers.

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The Trunk Bay Beach gets its name due to the “trunks” that traditionally resided there, the marine turtles with leatherbacks. However, turtles aren’t always the only marine life you can see on the beach, which is one of the most visited on the entire island in St. John. The marine life is plentiful when you venture under the waves to do some snorkeling at Trunk Bay. We’ll help you find the perfect all-inclusive US Virgin Islands Yacht Charter for your vacation.

It’s important to note that Trunk Bay Beach does get very crowded and requires a fee to enter (the one beach on the entire island that has required a fee). There are still lifeguards, facilities, and rental services due to it. When you visit the beach, make sure to visit the nearby Virgin Islands National Park, as well.


The Salt Pond Beach on St. John is named after the salt pond, an easy walk from the beach. The beach can be reached through a short walk, but the effort is worth it. The more rough (yet still quite popular) beach has a secure area ideal for snorkeling and swimming without worrying about the waves or strong winds. You can walk along the shoreline to enjoy more peace and rugged views. If you’d like to stay for the night and camp, there is a campsite close by, too.


The Sandy Point Beach on St. Croix is only accessible during the summer and only two days per week; however, it is gratifying. Three species of endangered and threatened sea turtles live in the habitat, including the sea turtle with a leatherback the giant sea turtle in the world.

This white stretch of shoreline is among the longest beaches in the Territory for the beach. There aren’t any facilities. However, that shouldn’t stop guests from parking nearby and walking along the shoreline. Make sure to take advantage of the refuges’ Sea turtle nesting tours and hatching observation for a memorable experience that goes beyond just a visit for a stroll along the coast.

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Its Coral Reef Underwater Park Trail is an excellent way for people to be close to coral s tropical fish in the US Virgin Islands. It’s situated just offshore from Trunk Bay on St John with depths of 3 to 18 feet. The water is crystal clear and you can observe marine creatures, including squids, tarpons, and turtles.

Along the path, which is 675 feet long, there are markers in the water that provide details on the coral reefs. The Coral Reef Underwater Park Trail attracts families and new snorkelers due to its protected location. If you’re going to this trail by yourself, snorkel equipment can be rented at various outfitters in Trunk Bay.


Coral World Ocean Park Coral World Ocean Park is an exceptional wildlife sanctuary located on the northern shores of St Thomas, just east of Coki Beach. One of its most notable attractions is the underwater observatory, the only observatory that is of this kind found in the Caribbean. The air-conditioned tower can take you to 15 feet beneath the water’s surface, offering spectacular views of coral and tropical fish reefs.

Coral World Ocean Park Coral World Ocean Park also includes a shark tank, a stingray lagoon, as well as a turtle pool. All of these also function as rehabilitation facilities for the animals. An interactive pool where youngsters can touch sea cucumbers, starfish, and anemones.


Annaly Bay, northeast of Frederiksted, contains the Carambola Tide Pools. The trek to the natural pools takes five miles of a round-trip hike that’s mostly shaded. However, it’s pretty challenging. It’s best to put on a pair of sneakers and carry plenty of water to drink during the journey.

When you get to the west side at the west end of the beach, you’ll have to walk over some rocks in order to access the pools of the tide. It’s a long climb to reach the tide pools. Carambola Tide Pools area is typically quiet, which makes it an ideal spot to get away from the bustling shores in St Croix. There aren’t facilities available which is why you should bring food or drinks prior to setting off.

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The Virgin Islands National Park is one of the most preserved areas of the Caribbean. It was established in 1916 and encompassed more than 14,700 acres, approximately two-thirds of St John. There is a wide variety of outdoor activities, like hiking, wildlife watching or snorkeling, as well as diving.

A few of the most beautiful beaches on the island are in the Virgin Islands National Park, including Trunk Bay, Honeymoon Beach as well as Francis Bay. Corals with vibrant colors are located just offshore, and it is possible to rent snorkel gear and kayaks to be close to diverse marine life. The park also has its Reef Bay Trail petroglyphs and the Catherineberg Sugar Mill Ruins.


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