When you book your crewed yacht charter, you will want to know the best snorkeling spots in the British Virgin Islands. Of course, the best and favorite snorkeling spots in the BVI are very subjective. During my years of snorkeling and diving in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) waters, we have found the best spots in the BVI.


Many of these are caused by wrecks, but some are caused by marine life, sea creatures, and topography. In these locations, you might be able to be seeing Sea Turtles and Reef Fish, too.




The following are the places I’ve chosen for you to visit:


• In the case of calm, the RMS Rhone will be on Salt Island BVI. The whole bay, but also the whole island, will be home to the ship. It’s a beautiful island. You canfind a lot of Old Sea glass in the water, on the beach, and on the swell road that runs under the water. Squid can be found all over the coast if you look in the distance while snorkeling. People sometimes get to see sharks when they could swim through. One of the best places to see turtles or even conch is this spot. There have been more octopus sanctuaries on the shore than anywhere else while snorkeling in the BVI.


• An excellent place to see the diversity of tropical fish is Cistern Point on Cooper Island. It also offers a beautiful terrain, with boulders that can be dived around and water that extends out into the distance. If you go to the other side of the rock, you can see Tarpon from there because it’s flat.


photo courtesy of Cooper Island Beach Club


• The turtles and stingrays that live in the seagrass that surrounds themooring balls are many different kinds of turtles, as well as stingrays


• Wreck Alley, the section of the bay where diving wrecks may be discovered in abundance. It can be hard to anchor because rocks and reefs are in the way. However, some mooring balls close the wrecks allow visitors to travel to get up and enjoy the reef.


• Ginger Island is indeed a gorgeous stop on the way across to the Baths in Virgin Gorda, and it is a terrific location to stop upon that way to the ground. There are times when the climate is very dry. We’ll cruise through with the Northside and anchor right at the edge of Ginger Sound so we can snorkel the coastal areas there. There are a lot of young barracudas. Find out how brave you are! The northern side of Ginger has an anchoring ball in the always-safe seas, which is one of the most incredible places to anchor.




• I’m in love with the Baths on Virgin Gorda because they’re so beautiful.Scuba diving from between the rocks will keep you occupied for hours as youenjoy the mix of white beach, blue sky, and clear water on this beautiful island.


• Mountain Point is an ideal place to anchor for crewed yachts and snorkelers. It’s also where you can go waterskiing on a boat. It has many anchorages; therefore, you may snorkel fearlessly up to a point and experience a diversity of topographies.


• This reef near Oil Nut Bay has six anchors, first from the past. Some decades ago, Bert Kilbride from the Anegada/Horsehoe Reef was the driving force for their construction. The fish live at depths of about 30 feet. Take a look at just how many anchor points you could find.





• If you go to Anegada it has some of the best snorkeling in the world at Conch Mountain, and if you reach Loblolly Bay, the water is calm enough to approach the outer reef you should have a fantastic experience.




• Horseshoe Reef: You may visit the Rocus location ONLY on completely flat days. A portion of the wreck lies barely under the water’s surface, which captainscan find. According to the nature of the cargo, it was transported prior to sinking; there are several cow bone shards scattered throughout the wreck. This is a great place to see more prominent groups of fish but also a lot of different kinds.




• There are a lot of Tarpon inside the region where you can discover the dazzling pool around Jost Van Dyke Anchor or diamond reef is situated between the islands of Jost and Even little Jost and has mooring balls available. The water here is often murky.


• Guana Island, Monkey Point, as well as Muskmelon Bay. Monkey Point is a great place for divers, fish, as well as Tarpon schools. It can be jam-packed. However, there are a lot of balls that float. Muskmelon Bay is the most commonplace for bare boaters. I suggest going to Guana Island. It’s a favorite snorkeling site, with tonnes of tarpons and bird colonies.




• Norman Island is where you can go to the Angelfish reef, especially towards the end of Privateer Bay, to see some fish there. It’s just around the bend, beyond the caverns, where the fantastic snorkeling is located. If the water is cool and collected, you can go all the way around the point towards the reef’s edge. It will get more likable the more you go on trips. Tourists love to see the caves very much. There are some very cool things about the caves and the topography.


• Norman Island has Benares Bay on the north side. The eastern point of Norman Island has a thriving coral reef and a diverse fish population.




• Norman Island’s Money Bay, which is a popular swimming spot. You couldspend weeks snorkeling in flat water.


• The Indians, it’s a must. From the water, a rocky outcropping in the form ofan Indian headdress rises from the Bight of Norman Island. The amount of fishin this place is good.




• I’ve already talked about the Little Harbor on Peter. The coral is a little wavyin the sea, but it’s still very peaceful, and I often find exciting fish like turtles,Squid, and DOLPHINS!


• Great Harbor, which is on Peter, might have been excellent. A lot of peoplesay that it hasn’t been as good since the hurricanes of 2017.


· At this point, I think you should go to White Bay on that west side of PeterIsland. I tend to view Eagle Rays at this spot in the seagrass. There is a lot ofyoung fish living around rocks.


If any of these sounds like places you want to visit, let’s get your yacht charter booked today! Let us know where we can take you!

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