Saronic Islands Yacht Charter Itinerary

Your guide to visiting and enjoying the Saronic Islands.

Day 1: Aegina

Depart from the Lavrion-Olympic marina. The first destination is the cove of Agia Marina on Aegina Island.

Image of the Greek Village of Aegina

Places to see

  • Temple of Apollo. The temple of Apollo is located to the north of Aegina town, on a small hill overlooking the port. It is one of the first sights you will see when you arrive at the port.
  • Tower of Markellos. It would be easy to pass by this centuries-old pink tower without realizing its historical significance. It’s thought that the tower was built during the second Venetian occupation of Aegina, which lasted between 1687 and 1714.
  • Temple of Athena Aphaia. The Temple of Aphaia has been dedicated to the goddess Athena and is located on the island of Aegina, perched on top of a hill. This is an ancient architectural wonder of ancient Greece.
  • Aegina Agios Nektarios Monastery. It is one of the largest Monasteries in Greece and one of the largest orthodox churches in the Balkans.
  • Aegina Archaeological Museum. They have artifacts from all the ancient sites on the island.
  • Church Isodia Theotokou. A beautiful church that is situated on the harbor front, you step into a tranquil interior that is well worth visiting.


Things to do

  • The port has many restaurants, cafes, and bars in the narrow streets behind the docks.
  • A rented motorbike is a good way to tour the island, visiting the main spots, such as Aegina Town, Perdika, Vagia, and Marathon.
  • There are many old footpaths that crisscross the island.

Days 2 and 3: Hydra

Hydra Greece Image

Next sail to Hydra Island. Hydra was an important role in the Greek Revolution (19th century). It is also worth noting that no motor vehicles are allowed on the island so you can only travel by water taxi, donkey, horse, or on foot.

Places to see

  • Mount Eros. The highest point on Hydra and well worth the 3 to 5-hour climb. The view from the summit is breathtaking. Use caution and stay hydrated in the summer as the climb is strenuous.
  • Profitis Ilias Monastery Hydra. Established in 1813 and located on the slope of Mount Eros at an altitude of 500 meters. Hike, or take a relaxing horse ride, to this lovely monastery.
  • Memorial to Fallen Hydriots in World War II. The memorial commemorates and honors Hydriots who died in combat during the Second World War.

Things to do

  • Explore Hydra on horseback. Harriet’s Hydra Horses offers organized rides around the island.
  • Swim and have fun in Mandraki bay, right next to the yacht.
  • Have a romantic evening in the wonderful Old Town dining in a restaurant or having a few drinks at one of the bars.
  • Shop cute boutiques such as Asproulis for lace, crocheted, and embroidered apparel and linens, or Koutsikou Hydra for clothing, accessories, souvenirs, and home decor. 

Day 4 – Spetses

Spetses Island is about 16 miles from Hydra. This small island (population 4,027) welcomes you with crystal clear water, narrow old streets, fantastic beaches, and waterfront restaurants.

Image of Spetses Island

Places to see

  • Lighthouse. One of the oldest lighthouses in Greece, it is located on the right side of the old harbor.
  • Spetses Museum. The museum is located in the Mansion of Hatzigianni-Mexi, a local 19th-century tradesman.
  • Monastery of Agioi Pantes. Since this monastery is located on top of a hill, you have a fantastic view of the town and the sea once you have made the trek.
  • The Monastery of Agios Nikolaos, the patron saint of sailors, is just outside Spetses Town. It is open to visitors, but be aware there is a dress code. Long trousers and covered shoulders for men and long skirts for women are required for entry.
  • Bekiri’s Cave. This impressive cave is difficult to reach but worth the effort. It’s close to the beautiful Agioi Anargyri beach on the western side of the island. The interior of the cave is fascinating, with blue-green water and a little hidden beach of its own.

Things to do

  • Walk the old footpaths that cross the island.
  • Admire the lovely architecture in Spetses town.
  • Take a swim at one of the beaches.
  • Shop at local boutiques. Nord Ceramics Art & Design offers art from local artists.

Day 5 – Dokos

From here, you leave Hydra to visit the nearby island of Dokos. The trip lasts for about an hour. Dokos (or Aperopia as it was known in ancient times) is an uninhabited small islet fully protected from winds. The cove is large enough so you can have full privacy away from other boats and enjoy a relaxing day and night on your yacht.

Day 6: Poros

When arriving at Poros, your Captain can dock at the picturesque port. Poros has traditional restaurants, fish taverns, and many bars. If you prefer anchoring, the coves within the strait of Poros offer shelter and a beautiful natural landscape.

Image of the Island of Poros
This is an image of the Greek Island of Poros

Places to see

  • Sanctuary of Poseidon. This ancient temple dates back to 520 BC.
  • Town of Poros. Stroll along narrow streets and find quiet taverns and restaurants.
  • Lemon forest. In May, the whole town of Poros is engulfed in the scent of lemon blossoms wafting across from the green lemon forest shores.
  • Citronne art gallery housed in an 18th-century austere example of island architecture on the promenade of Poros opened in the summer of 2006.


Things to do

  • Swim
  • The Municipal Market of Poros offers fresh fish and meats. The waterfront at the Port of Poros is also a good place to stroll and browse various shops.
  • Visit the beach, whether it’s Askeli beach, Love Bay, Miko Neorio Bay, or Russian Bay. All possess calm, clear water for swimming or wading and warm sandy beaches.

Day 7: Agistri

After you leave Poros, head over to the island of Agistri, it is one of the nicest destinations in the area, with lush, fragrant pine trees covering the hills of the island and the lace-like, rocky coastline offering good shelter from almost any wind direction.

Places to see

  • Villages. The island has four: Metochi, Skala, Limenaria, and Milos. Each offers a unique mix of restaurants, taverns, and bars.
  • Church of Agioi Anargyroi. The white church of Agioi Anargyroi in Skala with its blue dome in perfect harmony with the sea.

Things to do

  • Have dinner at the fish tavern “To Agistri” in the center of Skala. You will have a view of the blue Saronic Gulf.
  • Horseback ride.
  • Kayak
  • Metochi village is the perfect place to reach some of the main paths which are clearly marked and make great walking and exploring excursions.
  • Scuba dive.

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