Sailing Into Independence: Beyond the Basics of Bareboat Yacht Charters in the BVI- Part 2

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Unlocking the Wonders of Bareboating: Your Comprehensive Guide Guide in the BVI

Embarking on a bareboating adventure in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) promises an unparalleled experience in a tropical paradise. Here, we address key details to ensure your journey is not only memorable but also smoothly orchestrated.

Weather Wonder:

  • Q: What’s the weather like in the BVI?
    • A: The BVI boasts an ideal tropical climate with temperatures ranging from 79 to 85 degrees during the day and 75 to 80 degrees at night. Expect occasional brief rain showers, lasting no more than 30 minutes. It’s an outstanding blend of sunshine and trade winds. September, October, and November are the rainiest season. February and March are the lowest rain of the season.

Sailing Conditions:

  • Q: What are the wind conditions?
    • A: The wind conditions are ideal, averaging 10 to 20 knots. These provide both exciting sailing experiences and refreshing night ventilation.

Crew Options:

  • Q: Can I get a captain and a cook?
    • A: Yes! You can opt for a captain and a cook on board. This can be added to a bareboat charter or we can help you find an established crewed yacht charter.

Travel Logistics:

  • Q: What are my travel options?
    • A: Whether via St. Thomas or San Juan, Puerto Rico, we’ve got you covered. From ferry options to private plane charters, your journey to Tortola is seamless.
  • Q: Will I need a Passport?
  • Q: Do I need to go through Customs?
    • A: Yes, customs clearance is required upon entering and leaving the BVI, typically taking approximately 45 minutes.
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Practical Considerations:

  • Q: What is the currency?
  • Q: How much luggage can I bring?
    • A: “Less is more!” Smaller, soft-sided luggage is recommended as it needs to be stored in your cabin.
  • Q: What should I pack?
    • A: Pack bathing suits, shorts, casual beach attire, rubber-soled shoes, sunscreen, hats, and a windbreaker for breezy evenings. Keep it light and comfortable.

Charter Specifics:

  • Q: Do I have to start on any particular day of the week?
    • A: No, your vacation is flexible; let’s plan it around your schedule. But it is subject to availability.
  • Q: What time will I leave the dock?
    • A: Departure times vary based on your arrival time. Plan for a minimum of two hours for orientation and chart briefing.
  • Q: Are dining options available?
    • A: Yes, provisioning services are offered, or you can dine at the numerous restaurants ashore.

Additional Expenses:

  • Q: What are the additional expenses during my charter vacation?
    • A: Expect costs for overnight moorings, dining ashore, ice, water, fuel, and departure tax.

Onboard Amenities:

  • Q: Is a dinghy included?
    • A: Yes, a dinghy with an outboard is included on all our boats.
  • Q: Is snorkeling gear included?
    • A: Typically, yes, a set of snorkeling gear is provided for each vacationer free of charge. Since COVID some require you to rent them via a local shop.
  • Q: Can I use my iPod or MP3 player?
    • A: Yes, Yes Yes! Bring any necessary auxiliary cables, and enjoy your favorite tunes through our onboard sound systems.

FAQs for a Smooth Sail:

  • Q: Is smoking allowed on the boats?
    • A: Due to fire safety restrictions, smoking is not allowed inside or below deck on any of our charter boats. In some cases, you are allowed to smoke on the sugar scoops. However, a vape pen is encouraged.
  • Q: Are pets allowed?
    • A: Unfortunately, pets are not permitted on any charters.
  • Q: Can I use a hairdryer on board?
    • A: While possible, it’s not recommended. Low-wattage travel hair dryers are suggested if necessary. But the salty sea hair gives you the coveted beach waves look.

Luxury Within Reach:

  • Q: Can I afford a yachting vacation?
    • A: It’s far more attainable than you think. The “per person” cost of a yachting vacation is often at or below that of a resort vacation or ocean cruise, offering an all-inclusive luxury experience without the crowds or hassle.

Prepare to embark on a seamless, unforgettable bareboating experience in the stunning BVI. We’re here to ensure your every question is answered, and your adventure is nothing short of extraordinary.

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