Navigating Your Bareboat Experience: A Comprehensive Q&A Guide – Part 3

Navigating Your Bareboat Experience: A Comprehensive Q&A Guide

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Whether you’re a novice to bareboating or a seasoned traveler, embarking on a bareboat yacht charter can be an exciting yet unfamiliar journey. To ease your concerns and enhance your preparation, we’ve compiled a Bareboat Q&A to address common queries:

1. Charter Logistics:

  • Q: What time does the base open on Saturday?
    • A: The base officially opens at 8 AM, with staff typically available by 7 AM. Charter officially begins at 12 noon, and a full boat and chart briefing precede departure.
  • Q: How long is the debrief?
    • A: Plan for a minimum of 2 hours for the comprehensive debrief session.
  • Q: Do we refuel the boat before returning?
    • A: Yes, you must refuel. The base will refuel upon return, and you’ll be charged at the current market rate of $4.20 per gallon.

2. Departure and Return Timings:

  • Q: Can we catch a ferry and make it to the airport on time?
    • A: Absolutely. The provided schedule allows for a smooth transition, ensuring you catch your ferry and flight without stress.
  • Q: Is it advisable to buy ferry tickets in advance?
    • A: While reservations are possible, be at the ferry an hour early to secure your spot.

3. Provisions and Equipment:

  • Q: Can we bring frozen meats on board?
    • A: While some do, be aware of potential customs issues and import taxes, around 15%.
  • Q: Does the boat come with a cooler?
    • A: Yes, the boat is equipped with a cooler and often includes a mini fridge on the deck.
  • Q: Can we rent floating items on Tortola?
    • A: While the boat includes essential equipment, additional items like floating donuts can be rented on-site.

4. Communication and Connectivity:

  • Q: Is there Wi-Fi on board?
    • A: Most boats have Wi-Fi for a fee, and free Wi-Fi is available on the dock. Consider local SIM cards or international roaming for cell service.
  • Q: Are electrical outlets the same as the US?
    • A: Yes, the electrical outlets and wattages are the same as in the US.
EPIC captain on a yacht charter vacation co captain chef or crew

5. Packing Tips:

  • Q: Any items beyond the obvious to bring?
    • A: Check the suggested packing list, ensuring essentials like sunscreen, reef-safe bug spray, and motion sickness remedies. Adequate hydration, proper footwear, and essential documents like passports are crucial.

6. Safety and Comfort at Sea:

  • Q: What are common personal safety concerns?
    • A: Sun protection, hydration, and ensuring dryness are key. Pay attention to potential rope burns and be cautious about collisions and sleep quality.
  • Q: What are the common causes of property damage?
    • A: Docking accidents, grounding, and mishandling lines are common causes. Flexibility in your sailing agenda and attention to weather conditions are vital.

Embark on your bareboat adventure with confidence, armed with the knowledge to make the most of your independent sailing experience. Safe travels!

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