7-Night Itinerary Florida Keys | Songs In The Sails- Yacht Charter Vacation

Embark on a Magical Yacht Charter Journey with Songs in the Sails Yacht Charters: A Week-Long Harmony in the Florida Keys

crewed yacht charter vacation

Day 1: Biscayne Bay & South Beach – Prelude to Elegance Start your musical yacht charter adventure by arriving in Florida and stepping onto your opulent yacht at South Beach. Cruise through Biscayne Bay, where melodies meet luxury, as you admire the residences of the affluent. The day crescendos with a dock at South Beach, offering a taste of the vibrant Miami nightlife.

Day 2: Head to the Florida Keys – Sailing to Serenity Revel in water sports as you sail south towards the Florida Keys, recovering from the previous night’s festivities with a symphony of aquatic delights.

Day 3: Key Largo – Submerged Melodies and Coastal Charms Dive into Key Largo’s underwater wonders, where Songs in the Sails Yacht Charters invites you to explore the mesmerizing John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. Above water, discover the coastal charm and attractions that make Key Largo a harmonious stop on your itinerary.

Day 4: Key West – Cultural Crescendo at the Southernmost Point Arrive in Key West and immerse yourself in its unique cultural notes. Let the day’s activities compose a vibrant melody, and as the sun sets, experience the famous Sunset Celebrations at Mallory Dock—a crescendo to a perfect Key West day.

Day 5: Marqueses Keys – Western Waters and Sunset Sonatas Head west to the uninhabited Marqueses Keys, where the rhythm of water sports meets the breathtaking symphony of a Florida Keys sunset.

Day 6: Little Torch Key – Eastward Encore at Exclusive Oasis Return east, making melodic stops at smaller Keys like Little Torch Key. Indulge in an exquisite dinner at the exclusive Little Palm Island Resort and Spa—an enchanting encore to your musical yacht charter.

Day 7: Miami – Brunch Finale and Cherished Memories Conclude your week-long yacht charter with a delightful brunch on board, savoring the culinary crescendo crafted by your personal chef. As you return to Miami, cherish the memories of your Florida Keys adventure—a harmonious finale to a week filled with Songs in the Sails.

key west beach on a crewed yacht charter

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