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Episode 3: Serenity with Tina and Elena Today we have Captain Tina and Chef Elena on Bali Sailing Catamaran Serenity. Currently, they are based in the British Virgin Islands for the season. You may have seen them featured on Living In Yellow (https://livinginyellow.com/2024/01/sa…) We discussed proposals, Italian food, and letting go of the past. 

SERENITY 49 Ft.  (Cat)  (https://tinyurl.com/serenity-songs-in…) Sleeps 8 Guests in 4 Queen

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Executive Producers: Levi Lowrey and Stephanie Lowrey Audio Engineer:

Nebari Studio ( https://levilowreymusic.com/nebari-st…)

Music by: Levi Lowrey – A Maritime Song

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