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Day 1: Goff’s Caye – A Postcard Paradise

Embark on your Belize yacht adventure with a visit to Goff’s Caye, a picturesque 2-acre island nestled on the barrier reef. Snorkel directly from the shore, lounge on the sandbar with a refreshing Belikin beer, and keep an eye out for dolphins and the occasional manatee. Don’t miss the graceful spotted eagle rays that often visit the area, adding to the vibrant marine tapestry.

Day 2: Bluefield Range – Mangrove Exploration

Discover the wonders of Bluefield Range, a thriving mangrove cluster bursting with wildlife. Kayak through narrow channels, spot manatees, and try your hand at fishing. The mangroves offer a unique backdrop for a day filled with exploration and the possibility of catching your own dinner.

Day 3: South Water Caye – Exclusive Island Retreat

Experience the pristine beauty of South Water Caye, a private 12-acre island renowned for its exclusivity. Positioned on the reef’s north side, this island offers spectacular snorkeling opportunities with grunts, black groupers, snappers, and moray eels. Unwind with sundowners at the charming Blue Marlin Lodge, a beloved bar in Belize.

Day 4: Man-O-War Caye – Bird Sanctuary Adventure

Visit Man-O-War Caye, a designated bird sanctuary with a captivating mix of mangrove vegetation. Observe a variety of indigenous bird species, including Pelicans, Brown Booby birds, and the impressive Magnificent Frigate birds. Witness their breeding season antics and explore the vibrant ecosystem of this tiny mangrove island.

Day 5: Tobacco Caye – Coral Island Haven

Explore the 5-acre paradise of Tobacco Caye, perched on the barrier reef. Enjoy snorkeling and diving from the shore, and savor the central location that provides quick access to some of Belize’s best snorkel sites. Immerse yourself in the laid-back atmosphere, with small resorts, a beach bar, and a chance to connect with the local islanders.

Day 6: Placencia – Growing Seaside Gem

Discover the evolving charm of Placencia, once a sleepy seaside village now transforming into a popular beach town. Indulge in spa treatments, explore local hangouts, and relish the mixology at Rumfish Y Vino. Don’t miss the chance to capture a photo on the Guinness World Record-winning narrowest main street.

Day 7: Ranguana Caye – Remote Island Retreat

Escape to Ranguana Caye, a remote island on the barrier reef featuring a quaint resort and a welcoming beach bar. Meet the star attraction, ‘Charlie’ the resident parrot, and unwind on the pristine white sands surrounded by swaying palms.

Day 8: Pelican Cayes – Hidden Mangrove Oasis

Anchor at the Pelican Cayes, a secluded collection of mangrove islands surrounded by impressive coral heads. Dive into the incredible marine life and make a pit stop at the hidden ‘Hideaway Caye’ bar, powered by solar panels and a generator.

Day 9: North Long Cocoa – Fisher’s Haven

Explore North Long Cocoa, a haven for fishermen and snorkelers. Navigate through a maze of sand bars, coral reefs, and deep channels. Enjoy an al-fresco lunch in the palapa structures over the water, relishing the solitude of this secluded island.

Day 10: Belize City – Sail Back in Style

Conclude your Belize yacht charter with a leisurely sail back to Belize City, departing in the late afternoon. Reflect on your unforgettable journey filled with diverse landscapes, marine wonders, and the warm hospitality of Belize.

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