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The 6 Reasons You Should Book Your Yacht Charter Vacation Early!

What are the reasons you should book your vacation yacht charter ahead of time?

We, as a charter broker, experience yacht charter inquiries all the time all over the world at various times of the year. Once you find the company or broker to help you find the right fit for you, then it is often smooth sailing. But when last-minute charters come in, we are heartbroken for our clients when the yacht charter just doesn’t come together.

When you are booking a charter, we encourage you to keep these things in mind.

1) The calendar is open with your perfect dates!

We find clients will book for the next year upon returning home from their luxury yacht charter. They don’t wait long to plan the next season. Many return to their previous destinations of a Mediterranean yacht charter or the British Virgin Islands. The early booking allows them to plan around other events in their lives as well. With the coronavirus still on people’s minds, this has had an impact on the yacht charter community and has resulted in many yachts being booked very early for the yacht charter seasons. This means it is more important now than ever before to book your yacht charter now.

2) The better yacht options!

It is the absolute worst when you want to go on a luxury yacht charter, and the options are slim to none. When you book early, you have the cream of the crop! You can choose from water toys you like, scuba diving, the larger capacity yachts are always gone first, and you can get a jacuzzi if you choose.

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3) When you book a yacht charter early, you can take advantage of this season’s prices.

There is a greater chance of getting better rates. When you book in the current season, you can lock in this season’s rates before the change for the next. We have seen an increase of about $2,000 in the all-inclusive realm each of the last several seasons. In the US and the British Virgin Islands, the season ends in July until November. Some yacht managers place their yacht charter fleet calendar in advance, and others do not. For a Mediterranean yacht charter, you can look at it as early as July the year before or, in some cases, March of the same year.

4) Flights are cheaper with the early booking of your yacht charter vacation.

Last-minute planning is already hard, but factoring in plane tickets can be a nightmare. When you know your dates in advance, you can then take advantage of ticket watching and sales. Save on airfare. Planning your yacht charter in advance will increase your options as to where you can fly to.

5) You have time to save for your charter payments or make smaller payments over 6 months to a year.

For all-inclusive yachts, if you book a yacht charter six months out, then 50% will be due at contract signing, and the final 50% will be due two months from your charter date. If you book 12 months out, only 25% is due at contract signing, 25% at six months, and 50% two months from your charter date.

Higher-end luxury yacht charters are structured differently as 50% of the yacht price will be due at the contract signing, with the final 50% of the yacht price plus the expenses and tax will be due two months before your charter vacation.

6) Travel Insurance can run cheaper.

Travel insurance, also known as trip insurance, is based on when you take your private yacht charter, where you live, where you are going on your yacht vacation and the cost of your trip. There can be other variable factors, but these are the main point. When you start planning early, this can help ease trip costs.

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