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55ft with 5 cabins,
3 crew members,
Sleeps 10 guests
Starting at €16,000

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52ft with 4 cabins,
3 crew members
Sleeps 8 guests
Starting at €16,000

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56ft with 5 cabins,
3 crew members,
Sleeps 10 guests
Starts at €16.730

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Christal Mio

67ft with 5 cabins,
4 crew members
Sleeps 10 guests
Starting at €32,000

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80ft with 5 cabins,
5 crew members,
Sleeps 10 guests
Starting at €55,000

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Shooting Star

65ft with 3 cabins,
2 crew members,
Sleeps 6 guests
Starting at €13,000

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61ft with 4 cabins,
3 crew members,
Sleeps 10 guests
Starting at €24,900

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Day 1

Athens – Sounio
Start your trip off with a refreshing swim on the small beach by the foot of the temple of Poseidon. Enjoy fresh fish and seafood in the local tavernas. Drink in the lovely sunset view next to your better half – in one of Attica’s best locations – having the ancient temple as a backdrop and facing the deep blue sea!

Day 2

Sounio – Kythnos.
Get comfortable with the amenities available on your private yacht during the cruise. If you like hiking, Kythnos island in spring and autumn is the place to go. This is when the weather is comfortable. Hiking trails are easy to follow but not marked well. From the port to Chora or Driopida, the two main villages of Kythnos, or from the port to the lovely beach of Kolona, there is a nice hiking trail there.​​​​

Day 3

Kythnos – Sifnos:

There is a triangle of cities formed by Serifos, Kimolos, and Antiparos. There in the middle, you will find Sifnos, which belongs to the Cyclades to the west. It has pristine white settlements, blending superbly with the natural environment, its beaches, churches, and monasteries, its Venetian castle and days of old towers, hospitality, and local feasts make up a superb, exciting, and alluring setting for every traveler. The part of the island from Profitis Ilias to the west coast — a verdant area, even during the summer, with many springs — has been included in the European Natura 2000 network as many hawks nest or stopover in this area. During the summer months, the nightlife in Sifnos is concentrated in Apollonia and Kamares, but recreation centers and clubs are found in almost every settlement.

Day 4

Sifnos – Milos

Milos is one of a kind. It would be just a divine Cycladic island, with fabulous waters and beaches, even without three other unique characteristics: the volcano, the catacombs, and its distinct fauna, including the well-known species, the adder of Milos, and the rock goat. For whatever reason you visit, you will enjoy it even more than you expected.

Day 5

Milos – Serifos

Serifos Island has its own distinct Cycladic flair with its rugged mining sites ladened with history. The island has a calm atmosphere and speaks directly to your senses. Despite its arid and wildland look, Serifos is embraced by the deep blue colors of the Aegean Sea and has some magnificent beaches.

Day 6

Serifos – Kea: Kea or Tzia, the Far West Island of the Cyclades, and closest to Attica, is the ‘gate’ to the Cyclades. Its beauty and natural environment, with the originality of its villages, and evidence of past lives, fascinate visitors as days long gone, shape before their eyes. A hero named Ceos from Nafpaktos settled on the island in the 12th century BC, after whom the island is named after. Serifos was later named Tzia during the Venetian occupation. Kea played an important role in the flourishing of the Cycladic civilization and was the homeland to great influencers of ancient Greece, such as the poet Simonides. For hikers, Kea is a paradise. Paths with a total length of 22 miles, 65% of this trail is stone-paved, crossed with routes through forests of tall oaks that lead to beautiful isolated beaches.

Day 7

Kea – Athens

Back to Athens to take you to your next destination, whether it’s another Island or home


*Note that not all our yachts are online.  Tell us what you are looking for!



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